fit ninjas branding by francisco romano

Fit Ninjas

Frasco Branding

Brand identity for a outdoor fitness group just for girls, training in different locations around barcelona. The concept behind is to create a symbol with each of its members could feel identified and part of the “clan”

UppTalk sticker by Francisco Romano

UppTalk Stickers

Frasco Branding, illustration

I was commissioned to create a series of illustrations for use as the collection of stickers for UppTalk app. In order to allow users to better communicate their ideas and emotions in a fun way through the chat app UppTalk. It was necessary to develop a character, “astronaut” with different expressions and moods. Also part of the collection other support …

Flor de Sal

Fleur de Sel

Frasco Artwork, Branding

Conceptual and visual proposal about “fleur de sel” One of the most fine and rarest hand-harvested gourmet sea salt, formed on the surface of the sea water contained in salt pans in natural sanctuaries and collected before it sinks to the bottom is fragile and delicate. Used to create different blends; with peppers, spices and herbs, perfect for haute cuisine.